Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ron Paul Explains it All

This little video explains why I am still an unrepentant Paulista. He's getting better and better at packing his entire Weltanschauung into six minutes. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. (Hat-tip to Lew Rockwell.)

BTW, if you are too busy to read Prof. Liebowitz's excellent but elaborate account of the cause of the current crisis, as I earlier urged you to do, Tom DiLorenzo just posted an elegant short version of the story here. In fact, if you are too busy to read anything at all, Mark Thornton has an audio account, here.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul lost a lot of street cred with me when he endorsed Chuck Baldwin, exponentially worse than Republicans on social issues, and worse on economic matters like free trade. I realize that Bob Barr has rubbed him the wrong way, but the least he could do is refrain from endorsing anyone instead of getting behind Baldwin.

Lester Hunt said...

Ron is the only sitting politician that I can think of who can talk for six minutes and say nothing but true things about the current crisis. (This is, important true things -- platitudes and cliches don't count.) At this point, as far as our long run interests are concerned, that is far more important than anything else.