Thursday, September 04, 2008

Press and Republicans Stiff Ron Paul, Again

Various news sites have been running an AP story with the headline, "Hundreds Gather for Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis." Hundreds? Over ten thousand ... that's ten thousand people attended this event, from which my wife Deborah just returned. A Ron Paul event that only attracted hundreds of cheering supporters would indeed be a newsworthy anomaly. Curiously, some sites are running a story by the same author that replaces the "hundreds" with "thousands." But many sites, including Yahoo News, Las Vegas Sun, CBS News, U S News, and ABC News, are only running the "hundreds" story.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have not only rebuffed Paul's request to address the convention, they have refused to physically allow him in the building unless he a) calls and tells them exactly when he wishes to come in and b) comes alone. (This is a sitting Republican Congressman we are talking about, mind you.)

Here we see far-flung agents acting harmoniously against the public good. This is just the sort of thing that people invent conspiracy theories to explain. But there is no conspiracy here. These people don't need some murky Trilateral Commission to tell them what to do about the most prominent remaining critic of the war.* To them, it's obvious.
* I assume that Obama, who is "moderating" his views on this issue and has made a pro-war Democrat his running mate, has vacated this position.

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