Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pelosi Gets Creeped Out

To view this video, I recommend you hit the PLAY button first, then the FULL SCREEN button. In fact, if you've already seen this viral clip of Harry Reid's patronizing and creepy gesture with Nancy Pelosi's very human response, scroll forward to 5:25 and you will be able to see the whole cringe-worthy episode in slow motion (!).

This clip is the gift that goes on giving. I laugh out loud every time I see it. And cringe at the same time.

Here's an extra dimension of creepiness in what Reid is doing: his obvious lie about how everyone in the meeting pledged to support BHO's Afghanistan policy, whenever he gets one and whatever it ends up being, is an attempt to conscript her into a policy position that is not congenial to her at all. The eye-roll rather graciously fends off this crude attempt.

She is from San Francisco and he is from Searchlight NV, two places that are at least as different as the Senate and the House. I can see how it might get clashy at times.


Mark M said...

I'm glad to see Tucker has a place at Fox. MSNBC has turned into a joke. Fox is a joke in its own way, but I think they at least know it. Also nice to see they hired Stossel.

Lester Hunt said...

Although I disagree with them often, I watch Fox more than the other TV news outlets. CNN is just boring. MSNBC is as predictable as Hannity (whom I don't watch for that reason). Also, as everyone knows by now, Fox reports events that aren't even covered by most outlets -- until their reporting changes the course of real world events and the other guys have to report them.

Mark M said...

A point I didn't make is that Fox is much better as an opposition organization with a Democratic / liberal administration, as opposed to being cheerleaders for the home team, which is nauseating. So if I were going to watch cable news, I'd lean Fox right now.

Lester Hunt said...

So true! I didn't watch Fox at all during the Bush years. When they weren't boring, they were just obnoxious. Also, as various people have pointed out, they seem to get in touch with their inner libertarians -- when they are not in power!

Mark M said...

Found this on twitter today:

Lester Hunt said...

Jack Hunter is great. I've only read about five of his essays, but I thought they were all excellent. He definitely thinks like me (or is it the other way round?). Thanks for the URL. I had not seen that one.

That was an interesting point he made about nineteenth century papers openly representing a point of view. The newspaper in my old home town was the product of the merger of (along with another paper) the Sonoma Democrat and the Santa Rosa Republican. No secret about their points of view! Seems like there was less BS floating around in those days.

I guess I would just add that, though news media cannot be "objective" in the sense in which the hard sciences are, they can and should be accurate and fair.