Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Balloon Boy

Say, did someone repeal the Constitution while I was in the bathroom just now? What happened to the presumption of innocence? It seems to have turned up missing.

I think the pathetic lunatic, Richard Heene, and his wife are getting a very raw deal from the Larimer County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Jim Alderden has held press conferences in which he does not merely announce that charges will be brought but actually presents arguments for Heene's guilt. He has also bloviated to the same effect on The O'Reilly Factor. (Bill O'Reilly, being a worshipper of authority figures, such as police officers, treated him like royalty.)

Richard Heene's chances of getting a fair trial anywhere on planet Earth are looking pretty thin. He should get his day in court.

Move along folks, there's nothing to see here. Nothing to see. It's time to find something else to be obsessed about.


weddings said...

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Matt Olver said...

This link speaks volumes about the type of parents of this kid. Pay attention to the lyrics if you can. The father exploits these kids by having them dropping words like f#*got, pu%$y and f-bombs.

Anonymous said...

It really is the human circus. Bill O'Reilly is the extreme of the fact that we crave order. We also crave entertainment and adventure which is why "wife swap" and reality tv and reality news i.e. car chases and out of control balloons draw us in.

While Bill O'Reilly is outraged because we were tricked by this event, the boys down on Wall Street are still at it creating more complex derivatives and setting us up for the next financial disaster....ahh... The Human Circus.

Lester Hunt said...


He seems to suffer from a brand new type of mental derangement: addiction to media attention. On the other hand, maybe it's as old as Herostratus: