Monday, February 22, 2010

Market Failure or Government Failure?

This evening there will be a panel here at the University of Wisconsin on one of the greatest issues of the day: Should we be more worried about the way markets fail, or the way governments fail? When markets go wrong, voters tend to flee to the safety of state power. But is it really all that safe?

The two speakers include economist Edward Lopez, an economist with a George Mason Ph. D., and a philosopher of economics, Dan Hausman, from my own department. (Yay home team! Actually, on this one, I may sympathize more with the other side. Of course, it depends on what they say.)

I will be moderating, if moderation should prove to be possible. The poster at the left has all the details. (Click to enlarge. It tells the whole story.)


Mark M said...

How'd it go? Is this online anywhere?

Mark M said...

This was a good podcast on the same topic:

Lester Hunt said...


I thought it went very well. Everybody seemed to find the discussion interesting. We made a video recording of it and will try to post it on the Center web site (if the recording is of good enough quality).

Thanks for the link. I'm not familiar with Wiston's work.