Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranian Government Violence Gets Deadlier

Another compilation of amateur videos from Iran. Violence warning! Not for the squeamish.

Here is one that is liable to give me nightmares. It evidently is taken by two men in an apartment, looking discreetly out their window at a neighboring apartment. As translated on CNN, what you hear is something like this: Woman screaming: "They are coming! They are coming! They are coming from the terrace! They are coming from the balcony! [Sound of door-knock.] Get out! Get out! Oh God! Oh God!" Voice of man making the recording: "They are smashing the windows of the cars [sound of car alarms, flashing car lights]."


Ann said...

Does any American need further evidence that our Second Amendment is a very good idea? This is exactly the type of scenario it is designed to protect us against.

Lester Hunt said...

Yes. I've been thinking, one thing that could make this situation a lot more interesting soon is that, this being the Middle East, a lot of the protesters may have access to some mighty fine firearms, such as the highly reliable AK47. I'm starting to lose hope of that, though, as it seems they would have started to use them by now if they had them.