Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On Hold

Classes are starting up here, plus I am about to leave for a Liberty Fund conference I am running in San Francisco on José Ortega y Gasset, author of The Revolt of the Masses. That's him on the left. I like this picture because he is smiling. You don't see too many great, dead philosophers smiling. (I guess Harvey Pekar is right: "When you're dead, it robs life of many pleasures.") Ortega's writings smile as well, despite their grim-sounding titles. Reading Ortega is something like reading Nietzsche, only in Spanish and not insane.

I’m busy and distracted, and won’t be able to post again until next week in all likelihood. In fact, I've been more or less crazy for several days, which explains my lack of comment-responding, comment-moderation, etc. My apologies to one and all.

Thanks for stopping by -- I hope we meet up when I get back!

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