Thursday, March 17, 2011

R & R

For sheer entertainment value, surely one of the greatest pieces of music. Okay, it's not exactly profound, but it is inspiring. And here you see it performed in Notre Dame de Paris (which is also the title of a novel by Victor Hugo). Pretty cool! J. C. Casadesus directing.


Max said...

I've listened to this twice now. There's too much going on in it for me to order it up again for another run in the experience machine, but I do like the organ.

Lester Hunt said...

It's all based on the one chorale-like theme that's introduced by the orchestra immediately after the crashing C Major chords that begin the movement. The theme is then repeated more or less verbatim by orchestra plus organ. Then the variations begin!

Once when I heard it is concert, as the first chord exploded, the heavily perfumed matron in front of me gave a start and said "Good heavens!"

Bubba said...

Thank you.