Tuesday, March 15, 2011

School is Prison

I found this on Youtube, posted by someone who calls him/herself RjWeapon. Speaks for itself.

When I was a student at Lottie Grunsky Grammar School back in the fifties, I often noticed a chain-link fence topped topped with barbed wire separating the school grounds from the sidewalk on E. Harding Way. At the time I thought the barbed wire was there to keep bad guys from climbing the fence to perform unspeakable enormities on our tender little bodies. Years later I realized that, of course, it was there to keep us in.

I was slow, but I did catch on eventually.

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Max said...

I agree, and I always have (even and especially as a child). I was an incredibly rebellious youth, and my high school grades are proof (I had a D average each year!)

Yet I still made it to the UW, and I have a 3.89 GPA (in a science major, no less). I know that I could have spent all those years wasted in public school doing something - anything - else, and I would have been better off, without wasting tax dollars.