Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Are 200!

I just noticed that my most recent post was the 200th on this blog.

The only news item I can think of that's come up since my last 100-post-mark is that I've gone semi-mainstream. I often cross-post at Open Salon, where three of my posts have been spotlighted as "Editor's Picks" in couple of weeks I've been there. I also sometimes cross-post at Liberty and Power, but they are lower-tech and require posters to work in html. They might just as well require me to express myself in Greek. I don't show up there as often.

Other than that, I'd just like to thank everyone who comes to this site, lurkers and all -- but especially the folks who have commented, and so thoughtfully and civilly too! Keep coming back, I'll do the same!

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