Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I just read a blog post that ended: "For those inclined to celebrate America’s independence, enjoy the holiday weekend." Boy, that was a new one on me. So if someone thinks independence was a big mistake, he's not going to to wish him a happy holiday weekend? (Go here to see a very different sort of sentiment.) Of course, that's not what he meant. He probably mean that the Fourth should become like Xmas: because it means something, and doesn't mean the same for all, we should be very cautious and conditional in our well-wishing, lest we foist our meaning on others.

That would put me in a awkward position, since the Fourth has a peculiar sort of meaning for me. For me, its not a celebration of a flag or a government, but of independence from a government. It celebrates a brief period, ending in the counter-revolution of 1789, in which America was a free country.* It is thus one of the very few holidays in our culture (Passover and Bastille Day are the only others I can think of) that is really about freedom.

I guess I'll wish you happy Independence Day and figure you can just ignore it if you want. You are free to celebrate Dependence Day, if that's what you wish.

Me, I'm making a special dinner because Nat is coming home from his first IHS Summer Seminar. On the table: Deconstructed Tacos with Grilled Skirt Steak and Charred Tomato Salsa! __________________________________________
* Well, if you ignore the terrifying and shameful time-bomb of slavery.

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