Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We Are One Hundred

No, I don't mean I'm 100 years old. I still have a few miles to slog before I get to that milestone. I mean this is the 100th post on this blog. Which is a milestone of sorts in itself.

Looking over the stuff I've put here, I see one major problem (at least): it's on too many different subjects! People who come here because they are interested in one of these subjects are likely to be completely indifferent to others. I should have two or three different blogs, but I don't post often enough to keep several of them airborne!

To help readers avoid what they don't find interesting, I've attached labels indicating subject-categories for my old posts. Here are the categories I've come up with, and the number of posts I have counted in each category: politics (30), ethics (20), free speech (15), arts (13), education (11), conspiracism (9), travel (6), religion (6), obituaries (5), psychology (4), economics (3), methodology (3), Nietzsche (3), food (3).

Maybe I should say that I have no expert knowledge of most of these subjects. I'm just some schmo with a laptop.

Apologies to Grant McCracken, whom I am imitating shamelessly in this post. I only steal from the best!


Craig D said...

Hey, what's Latin for "I'm just some schmo with a laptop?"

Congrats on your blogcentennial, LH!

Anonymous said...

Huzzahs on your 100th post. I admire your range of topics, your engaging style, and your courteous way with commentators. You bring keen insight to everything you discuss and you always present your ideas with charm and wit. Your culture is of a very high order and quite unmistakable. To describe yourself as just another schmo with a laptop is therefore ludicrous, but also endearing. It must be lonely up there. I look forward to the next hundred entries and to the next after that. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Lester Hunt said...

Gee, thanks people!