Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Star Hustler Passes

We were sad to hear today that Jack Horkheimer died late last week. Mr. Horkheimer did more than anybody to popularize naked eye astronomy.

There's plenty up there worth looking at with just your eyes -- or better yet, a pair of binoculars. Just dig out your binocs (the larger the light-gathering lens is, the better), Google the words "binocular astronomy," and you're set to go.

Above is Jack's last show.

In case you are wondering about the title of this post, The Star Hustler used to be the title of his little show. According to the above-linked story, the advent of the internet forced him to change it. It seems that youngsters who Googled "star hustler" got an eyeful when this led them to the web page for Hustler magazine. So he became The Star Gazer.

His seemingly indestructible enthusiasm will be missed.

Keep looking up!

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thoughtsandlove said...

HAHA. Stargazer!