Saturday, June 30, 2007

On Break for a While

Deborah, Nat, and I are about the leave on a trip to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Nat and I will be going on the "Wild Cave Tour," which sounds terrifying to a mild claustrophobe like me. It involves squeezing through spaces nine inches high, climbing walls, crawling through wet places. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of thinking about the fate of Floyd Collins. After that, I'll be off to western South Dakota or the Nebraska panhandle with my new maksutov-cassegrain telescope to take advantage of those deep dark skies. (Ah, darkness! Ah depth!)

When I return I'll stifle the urge to inflict slide shows on you. I'll try to talk about important stuff.

Given that the new Michael Moore movie is coming out, I guess I'll have to say something about socialized medicine (oops! I mean single payer and single provider health care systems (funny how "socialized" has become a dirty word (how did that happen?))).


Craig D said...

You're on vacation, too? (I liked your vacation snaps, but what do I know?)

When you get back drop by and get your button!

Lester Hunt said...

Hey, thanks, buddy!