Monday, May 15, 2006

At Last! A Decent Nozick Page!

I've often wondered why the internet has so few resources about Robert Nozick. After all, his GAQ (Geek Attracting Quotient) must be very high, for a number of reasons: that he was obviously very smart, that he obviously had a lot of fun being smart, that his theories are decorated with fancy math-based whistles and bells, that he was a libertarian. Why doesn't the geekosphere treat him like royalty, I wondered. But that was yesterday, this is today. Now the good Julian Sanchez, formerly a philosophy student at NYU (I think) and now an editor at Reason is building a Nozick web page, and it promises to be good. Click on the above link and hear parts of his last major interview. And wonder why the good die young.

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