Saturday, January 08, 2011

Arizona Shooter One Sick Puppy

Like a lot of people, the first thing I want to know when I here of a murder that seems to be political is what the political views of the killer are. For some reason -- I'm not sure why -- I don't likie the idea that this person might have had views similar to mine.

So I went to the murderer's Youtube page. Wow. It was a pretty disturbing experience. Try it, if you think you can stomach it. Realize if you do that you are entering the brain of someone who just murdered five or six people.

It brought back creepy memories of real crazy people I met back in the sixties, when plenty of severly afflicted loons were out and about.

I find it hard to see any ideology in this creep's ravings. A lot of them are written up as if they were valid syllogisms. He seems to be fond of the mood Barbara.

There are a lot of gems like this one (click to enlarge):

He has some sort of screwy theory about time, which seems to involve the idea of a year that cannot end. He is also convinced that the government controls our thoughts by controlling the rules of grammar, and that he can control the thoughts of others. He insists that many Americans are illiterate. Much of what we see here is the most incoherent gibberish.

It's the sort of thing that makes you wonder why nobody noticed that this guy is really crazy -- and not in a good way.

Update: As everyone knows by now, Pima Community College was about to suspend him for bizarre disruptive behavior and incoherent outbursts in class when he withdrew as a student. So someone did notice his condition.

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