Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Jindal Speech

I watched Gov. Bobby Jindal's speech in response to the Obama speech last night. I had never heard him give a speech and knew little about him, but I got a rather strong sense of the man in a remarkably short time. This guy had to introduce himself, give a sense of who he is and were he comes from, give a sense of the part of the country he represents, characterize what is wrong with what the president is doing, say what his alternative, and indicate why it is better -- all in about six minutes.

I thought he did an excellent job. I also gave him points for focusing on the Great Issue of Issues: do you trust the people, or the state that allegedly governs them? Exactly.

And then I saw four talking heads on Fox reacting to the speech as if they had just learned that their only child is mentally retarded. The execution was "amateurish," they said. I think one of them actually said it was "childish." What on Earth are they talking about? Well, the content was okay, another said, but the message is one that the American people don't want to hear right now. One of the talking heads mentioned the "majestic" backdrop of Obama's speech. And here Bobby is standing in next to this crummy little flag. I bet they really, really would not like the above Peter Schiff video. Why, it's just some guy sitting in front of his laptop. How uncool!

I should say, I liked the content of Bobby's speech right up to the point where he said we don't need deep cuts in military spending. Oh, yes we do! The rest was fine.

To give the talking heads their due, I suppose it wouldn't hurt if Jindal would drink a lot of milk shakes and hire a voice coach to work on a booming baritone voice like The Obama's. I suppose that would be an improvement. There's a guy who can say a line like "that is our responsibility ... to ensure that we do not pass on to [our children] a debt they cannot pay" and get cheers and applause, rather than the boos and laughter that such a line, coming from Obama, deserves. That is impressive, I admit, but as the performance of a deft pickpocket is impressive.
Added later: Here are two small children who have a much solider grasp of basic ethics that does our hypocrite of a President. The first time I saw this, I cried too. (Hat-tip to Anthony Gregory at

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